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summer term


In English this term we ensure children are fully prepared for the reading, grammar and spelling aspects of the SATs.  In addition, we continue to develop our writing skills through looking at ;  Short stories, descriptive writing, formal and informal writing (letters) and  poetry.


The first half of the term is devoted to what individual children and their groups need in order to be fully prepared for the SATs test. Once the tests are done, the focus in Maths turns to extended investigations (in which children plan and carry out their own work).


This term in science we  study ;

Living Things and Habitats

~ How living things are classified, inc micro-organisms

~ Give reasons based on characteristics


We also revisit the subject of light, finding out how;

~ light appears to travel in straight lines

~ light reflects into our eyes off objects

~ light travels from a source to our eyes

~ light travels in straight lines to form a shadow in the shape of the object


This term we study a unit of work which  looks at 'An aspect or theme in British history which extends chronological knowledge’

We have decided to study the  changing power of the monarchy.  Power and the People is a fascinating topic which introduces the children to different Kings and Queens in the history of  Britain and the impact they had on the country. 


In French we learn to give and take orders at a cafe.  We hold a special cafe experience during this unit of work. 


This term we reflect on two questions in RE;


How did it all begin?

What is the Buddhist way of life?


In P.E. we develop our athletic skills this term and try to beat our personal best in running, jumping and throwing.  P.E. is on a Wednesday so remember a kit on this day.  We will spend lots of P.E. lessons at the school field this term.


Try more, learn more, achieve more!