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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

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spring term


We begin this term studying poetry and children will have the opportunity to write their own poems. We will write stories using our Egyptian topic as a stimulus.  Having learnt about mummification we will write instructions for this process.


Daily maths lessons continue to address the objectives set out for each year group. Please see the maths curriculum page for further details of these.


This term we study two units in science;


~ how sounds are made

~ vibrations travel through a medium to the ear

~ pattern between pitch and the object producing the sound

~ patterns between volume and strength of vibrations

~ sounds get fainter as distance increases

States of Matter

~ solid, liquid or gas compare and group

~ change of state when heated or cooled-temperature

History & Geography

 In this term we introduce an interesting topic where we immerse ourselves in the Ancient Egyptian world. We discover where Egypt is located and find out what we can learn from the Ancient Egyptian people and their culture.

We have a thrilling trip planned where we will spend the day at Haslemere Museum looking at a real mummy, viewing artefacts and learning about the art of mummification. During the day the children will have great fun learning how to mummify one of their toys!



This term we continue to develop our sporting skills in tag rugby and  football.  In addition, we can learn to express ourselves through dance.


This term our RE lessons focus on these questions...

Why do Christians make promises in marriage?

Why is prayer important for Christians?

How do Christians prepare for Easter?



This term we learn how to say the months of the year in french. This allows us to talk about when our birthdays fall.   Later in the term we learn the vocabulary for talking about sports. 


Try more, learn more, achieve more!