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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

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spring term


We will continue to use a Talk for Writing approach to our English teaching.  We will read a variety of poetry, develop opinions and learn the tools that can be used to write our own poems.  We will then go on to learn an imaginative story called “Tuesday”, explore some literary concepts in further detail and use these tools to help us to write our own imaginative stories using dialogue and setting description.

Later in the term, we will learn about issues and dilemmas and read several different stories that deal with these situations. We will practise using issues and dilemmas in our writing to make our stories more interesting. 

We will also develop our non-fiction writing using the Romans as our theme.

Through guided reading we develop our word reading and comprehension skills through a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

We teach a range of spelling rules through differentiated spelling groups following the Read, Write inc scheme.


To begin, we will learn methods of multiplication and division and practise these. We will also learn how to tell them time on both an analogue clock and digital and finally learn about Roman numerals. Later in the term, we will begin data handling, learning how to read and create graphs. We will then learn about shape and space.
All children need instant recall of multiplication tables up to 12x12 by the end of year 4, when they will be formally assessed.  We continue practising a range of methods for the four operations. This will include a range of word problems, problem solving and reasoning to enrich each subject.


We begin the term learning about teeth and their different functions.  From here we look at the whole process of digestion. 

In the second part of the term we begin to explore food chains identifying producers, predators and prey. We will also learn how to work more scientifically by asking relevant questions and answering  them through investigations and analysing results.


History & Geography

Our history topic this term is The Romans.  We learn about the amazing fighting force and how the Roman empire was begun and how it grew to a monumental power.
We will discover some important historical figures that existed in Roman times, including Caesar and Boudicca.
We will also learn about what changes and inventions the Romans gave to us and how they still help us today.


We will continue our PE lessons on a Tuesday afternoon.  We learn a variety of skills through a range sports including football and netball as well as developing our fitness. 


We will study Christianity and why Christians call God “Father”. We will discuss the Trinity and what this means to Christians.

We will also study Pentecost, its meaning to  Christians and why it is important to them. 



We continue to build up our French vocabulary in order to speak and write about days of the week. Later in the term we will name sports and talk about which ones we prefer.


Try more, learn more, achieve more!