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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

Young Carers Policy

At Northmead Junior School we are developing our support for young carers. Young carers are young people who have caring roles for family members or friends with physical or mental health problems or disabilities, or drug or alcohol problems.

My name is Wendy Cook and I, with Sarah Stocking, SENCO are the main contacts for young carers in the school. We liaise with pupils, families and staff in order to ensure that pupils who are carers are able to achieve and enjoy their education. A copy of the school’s Young Carer Policy, for your reference, is available (on request or via our website) so that you are aware of the forms of support that the school can provide. The school is in contact with Surrey Young Carers, a charity to whom the school can refer for further assistance.

If your family is affected by any of the issues mentioned above, and your son/daughter would like support, please contact me at the school on 01483 529888 so that we can arrange to talk. If no help is required just at this time, the school would still appreciate your sharing of any circumstances that may have an impact upon your child’s education as they progress through the school. This will allow us to be aware and offer support as required. Anything you do tell us will be treated sensitively and will not be shared without your knowledge.

The school receives extra funding for each child who is eligible for free school meals, which can be put towards additional support for young carers. It is therefore important that children who are eligible are registered onto the Free School Meals register, even if they do not need or want the meal. For more information on eligibility and registering, please contact me.

Wendy Cook - Home School Link Worker.