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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs.


Northmead Junior School wishes to ensure that pupils with medical conditions receive appropriate care and support at school. All pupils have an entitlement to a full time curriculum or as much as their medical condition allows. This policy has been developed in line with the Department for Education’s statutory guidance which came into force in September 2014, “Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions”. 

Please inform us if your child has a more serious or on-going medical problem so that we are able to complete a care plan for your child and make arrangements to look after them should the need arise. It is also very important that you let us know if your child has any serious allergies.

What if my child needs to take medicines?

We have decided that we will take responsibility to administer simple medicines. Medicines should only be brought to school when essential; that is where it would be detrimental to a child's health if the medicine were not to be administered during the school day. We will only accept medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor or dentist.

Medicines should always be provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist and include the prescriber's instructions for administrationWe will not give any child medicine containing aspirin or ibuprofen unless prescribed by a doctor.

Any medication brought to school should be very clearly marked and given into the main office. A permission form, available from the office, must be completed before staff can administer any medication to your child. Children with asthma should carry their own inhaler and have a spare at the school office.

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