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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

English Team Leader - Denise Lewis

Writing - Jo Backhurst

Reading - Denise Lewis

Maths Team Leader - Marcia Richardson

Humanities Team Leader - Alastair Kemp

History-Alastair Kemp

Geography- Sue McLean

Science Team Leader - Nicola Busby

IT Team Leader - Caitlin Webster

Music / Arts Team Leader - Denise Lewis

Art - Denise Lewis  

Music - Laura Ramsay

Design Technology - Denise Lewis

Display - Abby Diot

Health and Well Being Team Leader - Laura Ramsay, Debbie Brown, Denise Lewis

PSHE - Laura Ramsay

Wellbeing- Hannah Powell

PE/Games - Paola Polden

Healthy Schools - Jacqui Pilson,

ELSA - Alison Maeer (currently on maternity Leave)

R.E -Carlota Revireigo

School Council - Abby Diot

Home School Link Worker/Pupil premium/ Attendance (Training to be ELSA)- Wendy Cook


SEND Team Leader - Sarah Stocking

SENCo /Head of Centre- Sarah Stocking

Therapies Petra Jeffery Hofman 

Assistant SENCo - Paola Polden,


Languages Team Leader - Lisa Mansfield, Agata Cieplinska

French - Lisa Mansfield

EAL - Agata Cieplinska

Assessment Team Leader - Alastair Kemp

Behaviour Team Leader - Alastair Kemp

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