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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

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Spring Term


This term the children read ‘Beowulf’ in class as a stimulus and then write their own diaries as if they were  monk.  Our story writing unit involves writing a Viking saga. 

Our non fiction writing focuses on writing persuasive texts including adverts and persuasive letters.


We continue to have a daily maths lesson.  Please refer to the maths page on the curriculum link to find further information about the objectives year 5 study during the year.



What an Invasion! We continue by studying the Vikings.  Where and when did the Vikings raid Britain? We aim to understand the terms: raider/invader/settler. We research Viking warriors and their weapons. What evidence is there that Vikings settled in Britain? Who was King Alfred? Why was he so great? How and when did the Viking era come to an end? 


This term we investigate the properties of materials / change of state / reversible & irreversible changes.



We learn to create Excel spreadsheets and input formula to perform calculations.

We then link this to buying and selling a product. 



The questions we address through our RE lesson this term include;

How the Christian faith is expressed through worship?

Who is the Holy Spirit? 

How do we know what happened at Easter?   



In PSHCE lessons we look at finance – What can we afford and what must we save up for? How a budget can help you decide how to spend your money. Pupils design, cost out and make a product which they later sell, ideally to make a profit! 



Sports include Dodgeball, Hockey, Netball.  In addition children continue to develop their dance and gymnastic skills. 



This term we compare French and English schools and learn the vocabulary associated with school equipment and lessons. We learn the vocabulary associated with wild animals and their habitats – this leads to the development of writing simple descriptive sentences in French.


Try more, learn more, achieve more!