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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School


  Miss Busby is the subject lead for Science.

Science is an important subject and remains at the centre of our teaching programme.

The curriculum is well resourced and the children are able to make use of IT and the school grounds to support the process of observing, predicting, fair testing and drawing conclusions.

Each year group studies different topics based on either biology, chemistry or physics and this usually makes up their work for either a term or half-term accordingly.  Most lessons have a hands on, practical approach to learning, starting with an enquiry question, which we try to answer throughout our work. 


Outlined below are the main areas of learning for each year group.                

Year 3

  • Rocks - Topic
  • Plants - Topic
  • Light
  • Forces and Magnets
  • Animals including Humans - Nutrition, skeleton and muscles 


Year 4

  • Electricity
  • Animals including Humans - Digestive system, teeth and food chains
  • Sound
  • States of Matter
  • Living Things and Habitats - grouping and classification 


Year 5

  • Properties and changes of materials
  • Earth and Space - Topic
  • Forces
  • Living Things and Habitats - life cycles and reproduction
  • Animals including Humans - Changes to old age


Year 6

  • Animals including Humans - Circulatory system, diet and exercise
  • Electricity
  • Evolution
  • Living Things and Habitats - Classification
  • Light


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