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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

School Governance

Welcome from the Chair of Governors

As governors of Northmead Junior School we work together with the school and our academy Trust (Athena GEP) to help every pupil to be able to ‘try more, learn more and achieve more’. At Northmead every child is valued as a unique individual and as governors we support the school in helping every child to reach their potential.

We help set the vision and strategic direction of the school and monitor the progress of the school against it over the year. We therefore hold the head teacher and senior leaders to account for educational outcomes and act as sounding boards for new initiatives.

Furthermore, we ensure that the school’s financial resources are well spent and benefit the children’s education.

Apart from our six local governing body meetings during the academic year we are conducting classroom visits and meet with teachers to have some first-hand experience of how children are educated at our school.

If you are interested to find out more about what it means to be a governor, please contact me at

Yours sincerely,

Konstanze Hild

(Chair of Governors at Northmead Junior School)



Date of

Meetings attended 


Meetings attended

2020 - 2021

Meetings attended

2021 - 2022

Chair of Governors

Konstanze Hild Community Governor 04.12.13 6/ 6 6/ 6 1/1


Debbie Brown Staff Governor 30.06.02 6/ 6 6/ 6 1/1
Vicki Blatchford Parent Governor 20.09.18 6/ 6 6/ 6 1/1
Paul Croft Parent Governor 10.05.17 5/ 6 2/ 4  
Mike Cubitt Community Governor 05.03.14 6/ 6 6/ 6 1/1
Sarah Dunnett Community Governor 30.09.19 5/ 5 6/ 6 1/1
Sarah Fothergill Community Governor 27.09.19 5/5 6/ 6 1/1
Debbie Gooch Parent Governor 06.07.21   1/1 1/1
Charlotte Lacey Community Governor 26.09.19 5/ 5 6/ 6 1/1
Denise Lewis Staff Governor 01.09.15 6/ 6 6/ 6 1/1
  Daniel Little          

The Governing Body of Northmead Junior School consists of

Parent Governors (3)

Staff Governors (2)

Community Governors (3 - 8)

Parent Governors

Parents and carers of registered pupils at the school are eligible to stand for election for parent governorship at the school and are elected by other parents/carers at the school.   If insufficient parents/carers stand for election, the governing body can appoint in the following order:

  1. Any parent of a registered pupil at the school, or if that is not possible.
  2. Any parent of a former pupil at the school, or if that is not possible
  3. Any parent of a child of, or under compulsory school age.

If a position of parent governor becomes available a letter will be sent home to every parent along with nomination forms and if a ballot proves necessary ballot papers will be issued and will be subject of a count when returned.  As soon as possible following the count, the school will notify the results.

Staff Governors

Staff governors are elected by the school staff.  The Headteacher is a member of the governing body by virtue of their office and counts as a member of the staff category.  At least one staff governor must be a teacher, but if no teacher stands for election, a member of the support staff can be elected.

Community Governors

Community governors are appointed by the governing body and in the opinion of the governing body, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

They are recruited via the following means:

  1. Referrals to us
  2. People approaching us directly
  3. Networking with existing governors
  4. Approaching local business who may have individuals with a skill set we value
  5. SGOSS: Governors for schools.

Links / Responsibilities

Vicki Blatchford

Young Carers, CLA

Mike Cubitt

Finance, History, MFL

Sarah Dunnett

Mathematics, Data

Sarah Fothergill

Health & Safety

Debbie Gooch


Konstanze Hild

Safeguarding, Science, Music, Strategy and Leadership, Data, Pupil Premium

Charlotte Lacey

Reading, Communications


Try more, learn more, achieve more!