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Little Voices Make Big Ideas

School Council Members 2021 - 2022


Suggestion Box

If you think of an idea or have a thought or suggestion of how to make our school a better place to learn, then please jot it on a piece of paper and place it in the box. If you spot a problem that needs fixing in school do the same. If you have a concern that you think the school council can help you with, we are here to listen and help.

Your school rep. will check the box often and bring any ideas/problems to Mrs Douglas at our Monday monthly where they will be discussed and action if possible. If we are unable to action your suggestion we will let you know why.

Your school council representatives are 'your voice' so remember to let them know via the box or in person as they are always ready to listen. 

Take a look at the suggestions we, the School Council  have actioned so far ... we feel this really does prove 'Little voices Do have big ideas!'

  • A dodgeball club after school for lower school and upper school
  • Packed lunches in earlier to the dinning hall
  • A lunchtime art club for lower and upper school
  • Lego for wet playtimes
  • More books in 3SC's book corner
  • Benches and tables have been ordered for the outside classroom so children can draw and play table games at playtime
  • An adult up the drive in the mornings
  • Our school moto to be displayed around the school
  • Mirrors in the year 5/6 toilets
  • Pegs and toilet doors mended for year 5
  • A mufti day
  • An ice cream sale to raise money
  • A school disco in the summer term
  • More playtime equipment
  • New playground boxes
  • Playground monitors
  • A tennis club to run after school in the summer term 

Our School Council in the Community

On 26th February the year 5 and 6 school council representatives were invited to Queen Elizabeth care home as part of their reading week.

As we arrived we were warmly greeted by the staff at Queen Elizabeth. We were led to the library where all the children confidently introduced themselves to the residents. The residents were so pleased to see our children and welcomed them with smiles.

Our children did our school and themselves so proud. They read pieces of writing they had written or chosen, with confidence and enthusiasm.  After which they enjoyed cakes and milkshakes with the residence as they went and read to them individually. The children also enjoyed asking and answering questions as they chatted with the residents. Our children showed such warmth, kindness and maturity during our visit.

After refuelling, the children were read to by one of the volunteers, which they really enjoyed. To end our time at the care home, Mrs Douglas shared  some riddles with everyone. With full stomachs and in high spirits, it was time to leave.

New Playground Equipment - May 2016

The school council have been busy yet again! This time they have been responsible for choosing and ordering their new playground equipment for September. They have had the chance to browse catalogues and then ask their classmates what they would like to have out on the playground, through class surveys. All this information has then been collated and orders have been made. As their moto says,

‘ Little Voices Make Big Ideas’, and so they do! Well done everyone!

Thank you to all the parents who have shopped at Sainsburys and bought the Active Kids  vouchers into school. They are in the process of being counted and then used to order new playground equipment. Without these your children would not be able to have access to all this fantastic equipment at playtimes. Thank you for you continuing support, it is always appreciated by staff and all the children.

When all the new equipment arrives, we promise photos! The children are very excited!

These are the children’s ideas:

Skipping ropes, Frisbees, Foam rugby balls, Air balls and hockey sticks, Hoops, Cones, Space hoppers, French elastics, Ankle balls, French skipping, Scoop sets, Catching ball and cup, Scratch sets, Stilts, Pogo ball, Juggling balls, Bean bags, Tennis rackets and foam balls, More netballs and basketballs.

School Council Update:

The ‘children’s voices’ have been heard once again….this time in the school kitchens.

Last term the School Council were asked to discuss with their classes about school dinners and what changes they would like to see. The children all participated with great enthusiasm and came up with some great suggestions. They also had the chance to give feedback too.

The school council collected all the suggestions from their classes and the ideas were presented to Mrs Brown and the Catering Team. Within days, changes were made! The Catering Team loved all the suggestions and started to plan how they could get as many new choices onto the menu as well as making some suggested changes.

They decided in order to try out as many new suggestions as possible, they would give a class a weekly choice on the menu.

Meal choices have included chicken or beef pie and mash, a choice of 2 curries on one day, sausage rolls, brownies, cups of fresh fruit and slices of melon.

Other changes that have been made as a result of children’s feedback include: the option of ketchup and mayonnaise with certain meals; chips instead of potato wedges; thinner bases on the pizzas and tortilla wraps with fillings.

The children have loved these changes and the Catering Team have really enjoyed the children’s enthusiasm in this task.

Well done All!

Try more, learn more, achieve more!

  • Grace 5 years ago
    The school, school council, sports captins, teachers, teaching assistants, office ladies, cafatiria staff, Mrs Brown, Miss Lewis and everything else is amazingly brilliant I love northmead junior school and being a member of it.

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