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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

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We are the Jupiter house captains and we are going to tell you about our house and about collecting all of the house points that the whole school earn.


What we do

We collect Jupiter's entire weekly ammount of house points, and if we have the most out of all the houses we WIN!

We are also responsible for taking visitors around the school for tours, say if they have a child that might join Northmead Junior school, or maybe if they are a governor.

We also arrange fairs and cake sales where we make money for new equipment and facilities for our school.

We run house team assemblies with the whole house when we tell them about how they can earn house points so that we can WIN!


House points

House points can be earnt in many different ways, for example:

  • holding open doors
  • being polite/using your manners
  • trying hard and doing well in your work
  • helping teachers and doing jobs around the school
  • putting your hand up in class


    (head of house)

    Mrs Mansfield

    Mrs Eveleigh

    Mrs Fennel

    Miss Schwodler

    Mrs C Williams

    Mrs Pilson

    Mrs Robertson

    Mrs Smith

    Mrs Barron

    Mrs Gilks

Jupiter: Rulers of the solar system


Try more, learn more, achieve more!