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Northmead Junior School

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Autumn term


We begin the year learning about information texts linking these to our history topic on the Romans.  We develop our story writing through examining and writing stories which involve an issue or dilemma.  When studying persuasive writing we will attempt to persuade a family member or friend to join the Roman army!  We will also read and write a variety of play scripts.  Throughout each unit of work children will be taught relevant aspects of punctuation and grammar to further develop their writing skills.   



For details of the objectives Year 4 will study over the course of this year please see the maths curriculum page.  Maths lessons begin with a mental maths activity to develop children's ability to rapidly recall number facts, manipulate numbers mentally and calculate quickly in their heads.



Our science lessons this term focus on two units of work.


~ appliances that run on electricity

~ simple circuits and part names

~ whether a lamp will light based on circuit

~ switches

~ conductors and insulators


Animals including Humans

~ functions of the digestive system

~ types and functions of teeth


We develop children's ability to work scientifically, through these topics. 


In this first term we will be learning about the Romans.  This is an exciting History topic. We learn about the greatest army of all time; their emperors; everyday life; the arts; as well as their legacy. 

We will be visited by a company called 'Portals to the Past' on the 11th October. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children and further enhances this exciting historical topic. 



During this term we ponder the questions;

The bible – what is it all about?

How do people express their faith through the arts?


This term we experience tag rugby, football and dance.  These lessons take place on a Tuesday- so remember your kit!


This term we revise our understanding of how to greet others, stating our name, age and asking after each other's well being.  We learn to count beyond 20 and the vocabulary  for talking about toys. 



Try more, learn more, achieve more!