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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

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Autumn Term


We begin the term by investigating what makes a good descriptive opening to a story.

Using our topic on space as a stimulus we write sci-fi  stories.

We then examine and write poetry with a focus on creating imagery through the use of similes and metaphors. We then write information texts linked to our history work on the Anglo- Saxons.



Daily maths lessons focus on a range of mathematical concepts.  There is a mental maths aspect to each lesson, followed by focused teaching on one aspect of number, shape and space, fractions etc.



This term our main topic has a science focus.

'Where is Earth in space?' During this topic, we learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon, their relative sizes and their position within the Solar System. The children have the opportunity to develop their own research skills when they undertake their own research project about planets. They learn about how the Earth’s rotation gives us night and day and how the Earth’s movement around the Sun explains why we have years and seasons. We investigate how the length of a shadow changes over a day and how we can use the Sun to tell the time. The whole topic is bought to life by a visit to the Planetarium at the Winchester Science Centre.


In addition we study forces including friction, air and water resistance.

We continue our learning about forces by looking at gears,  pulleys & levers.



In the second half of the term we begin our history topic-What an Invasion! We study the Anglo-Saxons. We search for answers to our questions :Who were the Anglo-Saxons and where did they come from? What evidence has been discovered which reveals how and where they lived? How did they communicate? What did they believe? What stories exist from Anglo-Saxon times?



Pupils are made aware of the personal safety issues associated with communicating electronically / online ( texting, emailing, chat rooms, web browsing, giving personal information) Later in the term, we use a visual programming language (Scratch) to make animated games.   



We study:


Why is light an important sign at Christmas?  



We start the year by looking at rights and responsibilities in our learning environment and the need for rules. We develop an understanding of ourselves as learners (our strengths and weaknesses) and how we can work best- individually or in a group. We discuss the terms ‘conflict’, ‘stereotyping’ and ‘discrimination’ and demonstrate our understanding through drama.



This term we learn and refine our Hockey and Netball playing skills.  We also continue to develop our skills of gymnastics  and dance.



This term, we revise simple greetings and conversations, followed by a look at modern French culture. We learn how to pronounce the French alphabet & tell the time. We then learn the vocabulary to describe shops and shopping



Try more, learn more, achieve more!