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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School


We discourage family holidays or days out in term time. The Governors feel that such absences disrupt the continuity of a pupil's education.

We’re pleased to announce that Northmead is introducing a new, more efficient and secure system for reporting your child’s absence due to illness, called Studybugs.

If you haven’t already, please get the free Studybugs app, or register on the Studybugs website, and use it to tell us whenever your child’s ill and unable to attend school.

Get the app or register now

Top 3 reasons to use Studybugs

1. It helps us know sooner if your child is unaccounted for.

2. It’s quick and easy to register and use and automatically reminds you to keep us posted.

3. You’ll be helping the NHS and other public health organisations improve children’s health

Please leave a message each day your child is absent from school. If we do not receive a message explaining your child's absence from school their attendance will be marked as unauthorised.

Unauthorised absence

There is new legislation regarding absence from school during term time. As from 1st September 2013 we will not be able to authorise any holidays at all. This is Surrey County Council policy. If you chose to take your child out of school for a holiday they will be marked in the register as an unauthorised absence. We will still authorise exceptional leave days for example weddings or funerals. Our attendance is monitored closely by the Educational welfare officer and unauthorised absence can trigger a fine.

Please find below details of our school Attendance Policy. If you require a free paper copy of this policy please contact our school office (01483 529870).

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