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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

Fantastic Friday Survey

Children have been asked to complete a short survey about Spring Term Fantastic Friday.

Children enjoyed a wide variety of different activities today including construction building, scary masks, finger painting, Valentine crafts, bread making, fairy cake decorating, American football and lots lots more.

Photographs of Fantastic Friday are in the gallery and here is a clip of Miss Lewis's Fun Science Experiments.

Please feel free to leave any comments you may have about our Fantastic Friday or leave your suggestions of activities you would like to do on our next fun non-curricular day.



Fantastic Friday Survey results. Spring Term

Children were asked ..

Did you enjoy Fantastic Friday? Fantastic Friday Survey One










When we hold the next Fantastic Friday which activities would you like to be offered?

Party  Rocket making            Puppet making Crystal rain forest
Play dough Sweet making Skiing Chess 
Junk modelling BMXing Toy making Ice skating
Table tennis Treasure hunt Cricket Drama
Orienteering Darts Poems Piano
Mug decorating Designing t-shirts Origami Rounders
Carving Archery  Videoing Circus skills
Trampolining Climbing Animal holding Den building              
Fashion designing/making Bingo Rugby Bowling
Tennis Volleyball  Tie dying Hair braiding
Electricity kits American football        Gardening  Badminton
Golf  Handball   Poker  Board games
Dancing Scoubidous Clay   Karate
Cookery  Drawing Sewing Singing
Football  Hamma beads            Obstacle races Bendaroos
Comic strips Badge making Catapult  Laser tag/quest
Tents  Politics Cookie making             Pets corner
Computers  Bike ride                     Book/story making Martial arts
Go-carts                                     Go to spectrum          Food tasting                           Learning magic tricks
Design a diary                                  


Did you enjoy the inter-house competition?

Fantastic Friday Survey Two










If we were to hold another house competition what do you think it should be?

Football Tag rugby Skipping Netball 
Obstacle races           Colouring Cricket  Baseball
Tennis Olympics  Rounders Water fight   
Art  Volleyball  Races  Cycling
Quiz  Hockey Maths  Poker
Bingo   Paper plane flying Talent competition                Film quiz        


Other Comments

Could we invite parents in?

Could the sports coaches run a group?


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