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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

Reading Newsletter

Welcome to the first addition of our reading newsletter for this academic year! Through this newsletter you can find out what we’re doing to promote reading across the school and what you can do, as parents and guardians, to support your child with their reading.

For those of you new to the Accelerated Reader system, the following may help clarify how we select home reading materials for your children.

Children will have taken their star reader tests in school over the past couple of weeks. This is a computer based test that measures a student’s reading ability through a series of 34 questions. Every test for every child is different, and the computer selects different questions for each child dependent on how well they answer the previous questions. Essentially the computer adapts the test to suit your child. Once the star reader tests have been completed teachers are provided with an individual report for each child in the class. Part of this report records the ZPD for your child. The ZPD is the information which tells the teacher which colour reading band would best suit your child. The children are then allocated a book to read of that colour.

Those children who are still at the early stages of learning to read will be allocated a book which matches their phonic ability.

At home we expect children to read at least three times weekly, but preferably every day. This can be recorded in the reading record by the adult.

Year 6 are expected to independently write more lengthy commentaries about their reading.

Children will then take a quiz on the computer relating to the book they have read. This checks their comprehension.

Children can visit the library weekly with their class, before school each day or during lunchtimes. We expect children to independently change their book when they need a new one.