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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

June Reading Newsletter

For teachers, August is a time of relaxation and reflection. We think about how the past academic year has gone and start planning for the year ahead. For our children it is a time to kick back and forget about school!

Unfortunately, during this summer period, children can suffer what educationalists call the “Summer Dip”, or “Summer Slide”. This is the term we use to describe the dip in educational activity that causes children to “lose” some of what they learned during the school year. Some research suggests children may lose up to two months of reading achievement, during the summer months. This can mean when children begin their new class teachers may need to re-teach what has been lost before moving on to something new.

Obviously, this summer dip is something we all wish to avoid. Researchers have proved that spending just 20 minutes a day reading can boost children’s achievement – and reading just six books over the summer can prevent academic loss.

We do not expect children to be rigorously taught over their holidays. Below are some low key suggestions which will keep reading going and will hopefully go some way towards helping prevent the slide!

 Join a summer reading program at your local library (details below)

 Set aside family reading time when everyone grabs a book and hangs out together reading.

 Put the subtitles on the TV so your children can read along.

 Keep a supply of reading materials around the house. Magazines, comic books, and cookbooks count!

 Set a regular time to visit the library each week.

 Read a book to your child.

 Listen to audio books while travelling