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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

Learning Partners Parents Newsletter

Learning Partners Parent Newsletter

We are delighted to welcome you to the first of our Parent Newsletters in which our main aim is to celebrate the fantastic environments that our schools within the trust have successfully created and to keep you updated with what we are endeavouring to achieve for your children. We know that your children's education and well-being is your biggest concern and I can guarantee that it is ours too!

We recognise and celebrate the fact that all of our schools have their own unique style which is reflected in their communities. We want to support them in maintaining their character and individuality and allow them to develop as per their community's needs. There is a huge wealth of expertise and experience within our twelve schools and School Improvement Team. It would be a waste of talent not to share this knowledge and learning to enable much better outcomes for all children. In addition, we work with organisations outside the trust to seek ways for enriching the educational lives of all children. We do a lot as a trust to improve the experiences and outcomes for your children and carry out supportive yet challenging reviews within all schools on a regular basis to always keep moving forward and improving.

All of our headteachers are trust leaders and are developing their areas of expertise and interest to benefit all staff. We all work together to enable everyone to access inspirational and thoughtful learning. We aim to stretch horizons, and we will always strive for excellence.

Leading schools where children thrive.

We have coordinated curriculum network meetings to allow our subject leads within our Infant, Junior and Primary schools to join forces and participate in training sessions together, sharing ideas and resources for curriculum delivery and diving deep into the teaching and learning of their subjects.

During the latter part of this term, our Modern Foreign Languages trust lead practitioner grouped together staff and Year 9 language students from our secondary schools to watch fabulously played out drama productions in French, German and Spanish. We are bringing our schools together to offer engaging, inspirational learning.

We will be hosting our first lecture on 28 April at George Abbot School, with guest speaker Dr Tanya Byron, who will be discussing mental health issues in children and adolescents. We are delighted to offer this opportunity to our parents and carers. We are bringing our community together to build on supporting and helping each other. We do hope that you have managed to secure a seat, and we are looking forward to seeing you there.

As you read on you will see that there is so much to celebrate; schools are amazing places. They are lively community hubs bursting with creativity and togetherness. We want to lead schools where children thrive, and we will do this by working together. Being part of this community of schools, rich in experience, expertise and passion will no doubt have a truly positive impact on your children.

Jack Mayhew, CEO, Learning Partners

Learning Partners Parent Newsletter