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What a Knight!

In Camelot castle, the royal family and courtiers prepare for King Arthur’s birthday celebrations. Two guards are sent to the castle kitchen to taste the food in preparation for the banquet and the audience sympathises with Watt Cobbler, the cook’s son as he describes his failed attempts at becoming a knight.  

We then move to another castle, eerie and dingy, in which the Black Knight and his Army discuss a plan to kidnap the princesses from Camelot and hold them ransom in return for Excalibur— the sword that will pronounce the Black Knight king.  

Merlin the Magician at Camelot has tried to hide Excalibur from the Black Knight but has unfortunately lost it! 

Soon after, two of the royal princesses are captured. (The knights of Camelot jump at the chance to save them!) This puts Merlin under even more pressure to find Excalibur. 

Unfortunately, the knights are thwarted in their attempt to rescue the princesses by drinking animal potion instead of the intended strength potion.  This leaves just Princess Alice and Watt Cobblers, aided by their friend Dusty the Dragon, to successfully defeat the Black Knights army and set the prisoners free.  

All ends happily as Excalibur is found (in an unexpected place...), the princesses are safe and King Arthur can enjoy his birthday celebrations.  

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