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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

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spring term


This term we focus on writing a long fantasy adventure including a character called Bloddin.  Later in the term we study non-fiction writing (autobiographies, reports, explanations and revisiting areas from the autumn).  We continue to develop our understanding of the grammar requirements outlined in the end of year expectations for Year 6.


The structure of our Maths teaching in this term follows that of the Autumn term, the guiding principle being that children are now ready to be extended further. More advanced algebra work and number patterns will be introduced during the course of the term.


This term we study an interesting unit of work on evolution. This includes looking at;

~ living things have changed over time

~ living things produce offspring

~ animals and plants adapt to their environment  and may lead to evolution


The European Union.

We learn about the history of the EU, why and how it came into being and discuss whether, in light of the current economy, it is positive or negative to be a part of. Each child will choose a country from within the EU and each week will research a different aspect of that country. These include: famous cities, landmarks and people; culture and traditions; food and drink; the climate.


This term we continue to develop skills in tag rugby, football and gymnastics.  Remember PE takes place every Thursday so kits are needed on this day. 


In French this term we learn how to talk about days, months and seasons.  We also learn to discuss the weather.


Try more, learn more, achieve more!