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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School

PUpils Area

School House Teams

House Names & Colours

Everyone belongs to a house at Northmead.

Children, teachers, teaching assistants, administration and catering staff.

The house captains for this year are..


Savannah and Daniel for Jupiter

Grace and Tom for Mars

Amelie and Joseph for Neptune

Maisey and Ertan for Saturn


Every week the house captains count up all the house points which have been awarded. During Friday's house assembly the winning house is awarded the cup.


The winning house for this week is...

Mars with 571 housepoints


 Autumn term house points

  Jupiter Mars Neptune Saturn
Week 1 1145 1004 1434 1071
Week 2 788 943 1097 795
Week 3 525 777 720 517
Week 4 420 499 301 340
Week 5 566 571 302 570

 Spring Term House Points

  Jupiter Mars Neptune Saturn
Week 1        

SUMMER term house points 

  Jupiter Mars Neptune Saturn
Week 1        




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