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We are your SATURN house captains and we will tell you just about everything you need to know about your house!

We will guide you through one year at Northmead and then the new house captains will come along. So hopefully you are packed and ready to go, because we're going to fly to our awesome planet: Saturn!


What do we do?

Well we do quite a few things.

  • We collect and count all of Saturn's weekly well-earned house points and if we get more than the other houses (Jupiter, Neptune and Mars) we will win, but we're going to have to earn more if we want to beat everyone, folks!
  • We also sometimes organise  cake sales- yummy!
  • And, fairly importantly we show people around the school. People like governors, new children and parents that want to send their child to Northmead  the next year.


How could you earn house points?

We run an assembly for our house once or twice a year in which we  encourage you and explain how to earn house points, here are just a few examples:

  • holding open doors
  • being polite
  • completing extra amazing homework which is handed in on time
  • helping teachers and others
  • putting your hand up in class
  • working together well
  • taking part in competitions


Try More, Learn More, Achieve more....HOUSE POINTS!


Remember, EVERYONE can earn house points


Teachers in our house

Mr Burford is the Head of Saturn

Other staff members in our house are: 

Mrs Backhurst,  Miss Lewis, Mrs Jeffrey-Hofman, Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Woolger,                   Mrs Kemp, Mrs Nicholson, Miss Lockie, Mrs Kingshott, Miss Lockie, Miss Ramsey,            Miss Al-Nawab and Mrs Douglas

If you have any problems or worries just come and see us or any other house captains and hopefully we'll be able to help.


Saturn: The best planet in the Solar System!



Try more, learn more, achieve more!