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Northmead Junior School

Northmead Junior School


Dear Parents,                                                                                                                    19 June 2018 - Issue 12

Circus Week

The week before last  we collapsed our normal timetable to offer children a range of different learning  experiences themed around 'The Circus'.

All children used their design technology skills to great effect - designing motorised circus trains, moving elephants, as well as a range of circus themed toys and lights.  We were really      impressed by the children's  construction skills but also by their ability to work cooperatively whilst showing great resilience and resourcefulness.   

Dr Ken, a Science Juggler and Circus Scientist  was extremely entertaining when he visited us on Tuesday to explore the science     behind the thrills and spills of the Big Top. 

Many of our children tried out new activities during the week with Robert from 'Circus All Stars' .  Skills were taught during a workshop and involved tight-wire, juggling,      spinning plate, balancing feather,  gymnastic-ribbon, diabolo, pedal-go and stilts. 

Thanks to the NST for funding the two visitors this week at a total cost of £1225. Without your generous support at NST events we would not be able to afford such exciting activities for our    children. 

It was great to share our work and singing with so many of you on Friday afternoon.  

In conjunction with Stoughton Infants School the  NST arranged tor Happy’s Circus to come  to Northmead field on Saturday 16th June after the Summer Fair.  Both events were well supported and a great success.  Thank you to the NST.

Year 3 Butser Trip

On Wednesday 6th June year three went to Butser Ancient Farm on a coach. We really enjoyed going in a round house although it was quite smokey. We did two activities in the morning and two activities in the afternoon. First I did making rings and I liked my ring because it has two spirals on it. Next I did making a fence with half of my group because we were  making two fences and it was sort of a race! After lunch we did spinning wool, it was oily and I didn’t like the stickiness. Finally we did the forth and final    activity of the day and it was smashing chalk and making walls. After we did the final activity we were all hot and tired and we all wanted to go home. After the last activity we went to the coach and the driver of the coach drove us all back to school. The other coach arrived at school a bit later and after the second coach arrived we got our things to go home and the year three teachers led us outside and we all went home.

It was one of my best trips and we learnt so much like the long house took up more materials than round houses. By Yu-Le


A coach load of children and staff thoroughly enjoyed a trip to London to see Aladdin on 5th June.  Thank you to Miss Helgadottir for organising a very successful trip.

School Clearing

A HUGE thank you to the team of parents who came and helped with grounds clearing on Friday evening bringing with them hedge trimmers, pick axes, artificial turf etc.

We rely on parental support to  provide additional help for tidying our fairly large grounds to keep them neat and attractive.


Attendance awards for last week week:

Lower School



Upper School

5B 97%

The whole school attendance was : 93% 


Change of Arrangements for Purchasing School Uniform

From the start of the summer term school uniform is no longer available to purchase from school.  Parents/Guardians will be able to order on-line from School Trends, who will be supplying uniform .

The link for parents is:

The Week Ahead



Friday 22nd June

3.30 pm

NST Tuck Shop & Second Hand Uniform Sale

Debbie Brown
With Best Wishes   

Head Teacher 

For more calendar dates please go to our school calendar here.

Try more, learn more, achieve more!

  • eloise bicknell 1 year ago
    I hope all the teachers and students a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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