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This event will take place on 05/02/2018.

As you are aware, the choir will be going to the O2 on Monday 5th February.

On that Monday, children will need to come to school in their school uniform with the exception of their school t-shirt. Instead they should wear their Young Voices white t-shirt (which will be handed out in the week before the concert) or the plain white t-shirt that you are providing. Children should also bring a coat.

The children will need to bring a packed lunch and a packed tea. We will be eating both at the O2 Arena.  If your child is entitled to free school meals and you require the school to provide a packed lunch please indicate on the return slip below. Packed meals need to be in a carrier bags rather than a lunchbox so that all the rubbish can be disposed of afterwards. Soft drinks should be in plastic bottles as glass is not allowed inside the arena. Children do not need to bring any money. All of the children’s food and drink should be in a rucksack that your child is comfortable carrying throughout the day. Children can also bring a reading book or puzzle book as there will be short periods of waiting.

The concert is due to start at 7:00pm and finish at approximately 9:15pm. The children will remain in their seats until the audience has dispersed, then we will be returning all of the children to school by coach. It will be difficult exiting the arena and we estimate that we will be back at school at approximately 11:30pm. If we are later, please wait for us in the playground, but leave a space for the coach to turn around. If we are going to be considerably later, we will ring parents on their emergency contact numbers. 

Ordered tickets will be available for an adult to collect from the office from Tuesday 23rd January.  If you are coming to watch, please only bring small handbags (preferably no bags) to the O2 arena as larger bags will not be permitted due to increased security and you will have to pay to store them at bag drop areas.  Please also be prepared for increased security compared to previous years and arrive in plenty of time. 

Thank you for your support and help in preparing the children for the concert and I hope that if you are coming to the concert, you really enjoy the children’s performance.

Miss Helgadottir